Saturday, December 20, 2008

24 Days Before Christmas 7th - 11th FREEBIE

Hi There Ladies,
First of all, thank to those who left some love again , and to those who liked the freebies.:)
Yes, im still here.:)
Just got a lil busy with FAMILY...My 2 SIL came and i had 2 Christmas Party to take care of.:) And before that was my eldest Son Rafael's examination before they had their Christmas Party.So i have to help him review for the examination.Need to buy some gifts too, for his exchange gift in school and for his classmates.
I made a layout using my freebies.
Anyway, my Wacom BAMBOO Fun arrive yesterday,together with my SIL Sharon.(thanks to her)
My DH installed it in my laptop, and since last night, ive been doodling whenever i have free time.
Thats why i made a lot of doodles for you.:)
This is not the first tablet i have,i have a GENIUS tablet before this, but the pen wont work properlay anymore and one of my son, spilled water on it..I still dont know who! Good thisng they did not spill it on my laptop since the tablet is just beside my notebook.:)

I just hope you like it.
I made some layout using these freebies too!
It really makes me happy if you like what im giving away for you.Its Christmas and I love Christmas soooo much.I had a wondeful Christmas memories when i was a KID.Its the happiest month of all for me.:)
People you see are always smiling,wherver you go,Its like there's no crisis at all! hehehe...
I hope this way, i could make some happy too.
i really intend to give these freebies as COMMERCIAL Use OK, I wish to help those other designers like me too!
Merry christmas to you all!
The image are clickable for download.
The 7th Freebie: TREE

The 8th day Freebbie: Poinsetttia Doodle.
Click theimage for download.
The 9th FREEBIE --- SNOWMAN doodle

And the 10th is--- CANDY Canes!!!
The 11th FReebie : GIFTS!!!!
Click the image for download.

I hope you enjoy these doodles, Again, they are all commercial OK.Please read my TOU.I wont require credit anymore,but as always, i appreciate it.
I hope i could post again next day and wont get too tired for the beach tomorrow.
Yes we are going to the beach!! Yehey!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

24 Days Before Christmas 6th FREEBIE

hi Ladies,


I know im a bit LATE with what i! But dont worry , Ill make sre you'll get 24 freebies from me this Christmas.This is also my way of saying thank You for the whole year of blessings the Lord gave our Family and for recovering to what i've been through with this Pregnancy.
Its my 22nd week accordingto the ultrasound.My brother in law (he is a doctor)did the ultrasound. i have my Ultrasound last Sunday,My husband and two kids was with me.
We were all so excited to know if it was a boy or a girl.!My son Rafael, wanted to have a lil girl,since they were already 2 boys.And when Doc Wins, placed the instrument on my tummy, he smiled and said---Its a BOY!!!
Hehehe, My grandmother Dedet (my husbands grandmama)was right!!mthe day before that, she told me that my husband will be raising 3 BOYS!!
and she was right!
I cant forget that moment and once again proved that when old people say something,its 90% to become true.I have a lot of experience with that .
After the ultrasound, we went to SM,to do some birthday gift shopping for grandma Dedet.

Commercial USE FREEBIE
The image is clickable for download

The layout I made with this FRAME:

This is my son and husband,after R2 performs in school in Holistic.

This will be included in my DEC 2007 Album because this was also theri christmas party.

NEW Commercial USE product this week.

I couldnt help but make a layout of this one.
Details of the photos can be found here.Thats my other blog.
I used the wings that i made for commercial USE.
Only i put a little color in it to match the background color of the light from the tree.

NEW COmmercial USE Stuff: Angel Wings

The Pocket WATCH
my Husband is soooo crazyover watches these days.everytime i looked at him on his computer, i see images of different watches of different brands on hismonitor.Most of the time, he would ask me which one is nice.I dont know about mens watches,they all look trhe same to!
Thats why i was so inspired to make this.:)
This is OK for commercial USE.
Have FUN!

For now, they are available here., here
more links will come soon.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Commercial Use Woven flowers

This is my New Commercial Use Product.:) Woven papers, formed into Flowers.They are photographed and extracted.each Flower is unique in style.:)
You can buy it here , here for only $2! thats almost 60% Off from its original price.

24 Days Before Christmas 4th and 5th Day FREEBIE

Hi LAdies,

Im so sorry for the delay.:)
My parents visited me (it was a surprise actually) I didnt know they are coming.I have to accompany them to places and go with my mom for a christmas shopping...Each time we arrive at night, i got sooooo tired.:) and cant even open my laptop.I really have a low stamina for malling now that im pregnant.I got tired easily!! Just imagine shopping from 10 am til 9 pm! Gosh! It makes my feet swell! hehehe..But i had fun with my mom shopping---for the first time!

Any way, here are the freebies as promised!
Image is clickable for download. 24 Days of Christmas Freebie 4
Its a Christmas Tree wich is commercial OK.You may put balls, stars bows etc, to make it look more Christmassy!

Another Freebie for the 5th daY is this Metallic Holly corner.I hope you like it.

Image is clickable for download.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

24 Days Before Christmas 3RD Day fREEBIE

Hi LAdies,
Our freebie today is OK for commercial USE. Its a REINDEER template!
Its in psd layered file.I hope you like it.
I posted it late today ,because im noot feeling too well.:)

The Image is clickable for download.

Monday, December 1, 2008

24 Days Before Christmas FREEBIES -2nd Day

Its another Christmas Card! Please dont think that i will be giving away only cards for the whole 24 days! lol! I gave this away first so you will still have enough time to send away your cards in time for christmas.:)
I hope you will like it and i really appreciate you all who left some love.It makes m e happy and inspires me more to make more freebies.:)
The image is clickable for download.:)