Wednesday, December 10, 2008

24 Days Before Christmas 6th FREEBIE

hi Ladies,


I know im a bit LATE with what i! But dont worry , Ill make sre you'll get 24 freebies from me this Christmas.This is also my way of saying thank You for the whole year of blessings the Lord gave our Family and for recovering to what i've been through with this Pregnancy.
Its my 22nd week accordingto the ultrasound.My brother in law (he is a doctor)did the ultrasound. i have my Ultrasound last Sunday,My husband and two kids was with me.
We were all so excited to know if it was a boy or a girl.!My son Rafael, wanted to have a lil girl,since they were already 2 boys.And when Doc Wins, placed the instrument on my tummy, he smiled and said---Its a BOY!!!
Hehehe, My grandmother Dedet (my husbands grandmama)was right!!mthe day before that, she told me that my husband will be raising 3 BOYS!!
and she was right!
I cant forget that moment and once again proved that when old people say something,its 90% to become true.I have a lot of experience with that .
After the ultrasound, we went to SM,to do some birthday gift shopping for grandma Dedet.

Commercial USE FREEBIE
The image is clickable for download

The layout I made with this FRAME:

This is my son and husband,after R2 performs in school in Holistic.

This will be included in my DEC 2007 Album because this was also theri christmas party.

NEW Commercial USE product this week.

I couldnt help but make a layout of this one.
Details of the photos can be found here.Thats my other blog.
I used the wings that i made for commercial USE.
Only i put a little color in it to match the background color of the light from the tree.

NEW COmmercial USE Stuff: Angel Wings

The Pocket WATCH
my Husband is soooo crazyover watches these days.everytime i looked at him on his computer, i see images of different watches of different brands on hismonitor.Most of the time, he would ask me which one is nice.I dont know about mens watches,they all look trhe same to!
Thats why i was so inspired to make this.:)
This is OK for commercial USE.
Have FUN!

For now, they are available here., here
more links will come soon.