Sunday, December 7, 2008

Commercial Use Woven flowers

This is my New Commercial Use Product.:) Woven papers, formed into Flowers.They are photographed and extracted.each Flower is unique in style.:)
You can buy it here , here for only $2! thats almost 60% Off from its original price.

24 Days Before Christmas 4th and 5th Day FREEBIE

Hi LAdies,

Im so sorry for the delay.:)
My parents visited me (it was a surprise actually) I didnt know they are coming.I have to accompany them to places and go with my mom for a christmas shopping...Each time we arrive at night, i got sooooo tired.:) and cant even open my laptop.I really have a low stamina for malling now that im pregnant.I got tired easily!! Just imagine shopping from 10 am til 9 pm! Gosh! It makes my feet swell! hehehe..But i had fun with my mom shopping---for the first time!

Any way, here are the freebies as promised!
Image is clickable for download. 24 Days of Christmas Freebie 4
Its a Christmas Tree wich is commercial OK.You may put balls, stars bows etc, to make it look more Christmassy!

Another Freebie for the 5th daY is this Metallic Holly corner.I hope you like it.

Image is clickable for download.