Monday, July 2, 2007

The Transformers

My Husband is a Huge fan of Transformers..He has this old toy,the only transformers Toy he has, that he lets our Rafael play with..And now, its Rafael and Stan who is a Transformers Fan..Last nigt they watch the movie..That day, our Son was so excited because he knows they are going to watch the movie, he keeps asking Stan if its time to go na.hehehehe..And so they did! While i waited at SM with Gabe...While waiting i bought this small notebook at toy kingdom for only ten pesos!!! its 50% less!!! hehehheh..i bought some for prizes on R2's bday!
Well, yesterday R2 put all his transformers toy on the floor and asked me to take a pic of it.Instead,i asked him to take the pic because i am doing something...hehehe..Hes good a t taking photos you know!