Tuesday, September 11, 2007

baby havainas

Soooo cute that my husband and i cant resist buying one for our Little Gabe!! hehehe
Well its the last pair for that color and design (baby havaianas) thats why we thought its really meant for our Baby Gabe.Im a fan of havaianas, though i only have one pair,hehehe its much more comfy for me to wear it especially when im busy in the flowershop,that would take me almost a whole or half day standing arranging flowers..Based from experience, i didnt get any pain in my feet after a long and tiring day wearing those "green joy haviainas flipflops"
It was even my pregnancy flipflops! that i use almost everyday!
If i will compare it to my crocs capri, i still prefer my "joy havianas flipflops" specifically.Not that im the one who hate crocs! lol!!! because my son just looooove his crocs and prefers to wear them almost everyday! to school,to mall,to sunday outing!! He even wanted to wear it on a party! lol!!

But what i learned and keeps in mind al the time is not to wear the same footwear for two consecutive days.. no matter how comfy your footwear is. Not so sure if its the two consecutive days or the whole week..I read it in one of OPRAH'a magazine that my SIL Pia has.Since then,im more strict to not wearing same footwear fot no longer than two days..Maybe im more conscious about that lately because im heavier this time,lol!! and its so easy for me to have pain in my feet at the end of the day!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

BIrthday at Marco Polo

We went to a birthday party of our friends mom and our R2 had fun playing with the 2 little girls Jamie and Jessie, they are the only kids there .They dont have a playground to play with since its on the third floor.They managed to just play in the corner and play rolling balls.R2 did not eat any food not that its not yummy,but because he doesnt eat any of the food that was served.We enjoyed the food and he enjoyed playing with them.My husband enjoys talking with friend JJ and wife too! On our way home, we went to McDonalds and let him(R2) eat chicken and rice with gravy! This is the fun part everytime we went to a party! hehehe! I expect it all the time because for R2, party means playing and not eating! thats why we expect him to be hungry after the party !And since its not a kids party,there is no goody bag for him to enjoy with.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

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My new store,my story etc etc

Yaay!! im now selling at The Digiscrapwarehouse and hope you could go visit my store there for some commercial use items.I love doodles thats why you could see more doodles from me coming up!So check my store from time to time.I also love SALE! hehehe thats why i see to it that i make SALE all the time..same thing wih freebie!OH FREEBIES!!! I started with all the freebies,without them i couldnt even start my first layout! Thanks to Digital Freebies, Misty Cato,shabbyprincess,scrapbookflair,freedigitalscrapbooking..et etc O i remember, that was only early this year!!! Yep i started digi scrapbooking early this year,with encouragement from my sis Sheryl! I really regret not noticing her doing some digiscrapping earlier!! I could have start it earlier! heheheh..but i was pregnant during those times...Yes last January our Gabe was just 2mo and i stay at home.I remember my first layout..hehehe...would you believe it was only after a month that i learned about dropshadows! hehehehe...but really, i would like to thank again the freebies! those freebies that made me start my first layout.yeah i remember, i also got from leslie hasenkamp! Im so happy with every piece of element i could download!! really really happy! until my husband warned me about our computer being full and etc etc etc and he needs to do something with it.and that "do something with it" made it crashed!!! waaaaah...all those things that i dloaded and layouts that i made are GONE!!! completely gone! that made me rest for a while! like... a weeK!! and made me think maybe digiscrapping isnt for me and maybe its a sign that i should stop now because honestly, its sooo addicting! i kept telling my husband that maybe i should stop it now,blah blah! blah! but of course its me who couldnt resist everytime i face the computer...hehehe..And so i start it again and started downloading freebies again!! so i can make my first layout to be posted at digitalfreebies! hehehehe...