Monday, February 16, 2009

My new Rafael Kit 50% Off for a week!

This is a boyish and adventurous kit i made for young boys,dads,brothers or friendships.The color is ok for the everyday scrapping.

It consist of :
10 papers in jpeg
1 paper (old paper) in png

And elements are:

1 set of alpha and numbers

65 pcs of elements are:

one old notebook
1 doodled wings
1 clustered gear
1 rusted gear
3 pocket watch
1 old charm
3 boys leather bracelet
2 buckles
1 washed ribbon
2 leather band (one with clasp)
1 buckled washed ribbon
5 frames
1 glittered swirl
3 brads
1 border
2 colored flourish
6 stars
3 gem
2 glittered corners
4 leaves (2 dry)
3 glittered stars
1 tag
1 folded notebook
3 buttons
1 flower
1 swirly doodleHere is also another Commercial Use Wings i made.Now in stores.

This is a layout i made, using the Rafaell Kit and the wings.I combine two wings to achieve that effect.

New Commercial Use Elements this month and a Flower Brush Freebie

Hi there, ladies
Here's what i released for the past weeks...:)

Here's a Flower Brush Freebie i made for you..:)
Image is clickable for download.

Apology to all followers..


Hi Ladies, My apology to all who expected freebies last December, A lot of things came up and i failed to post all the freebies fro christmas that i made.Our Holiday was Fabulous! My Kids are very happy,so am i.
Maybe im not really a good blogger, since i havent post for a long time.lolz!!

Anyway,I will still be posting commercial use freebies, ASAP.
I have also released a lot of New Products this month.So watch out for it!!

The reason i havent posted them here yet is because me and my family had flu and i have to watch my 2yo even when sleeping.When he is awake, He is using my laptop (he love watching his movies on my laptop) So, i have nothing to use,he doesnt even wanted to share the screen with me! Anyway, as long as he feels comfortable that way,im happy.Oh what a designer mom has to sacrifice..lolz (drama)

I have also relatives who came over here last January( my Aunt and her friend and my cousin Iza).We havent seen them in 6 years!So im happy to be with them,thats makes me away from my designing too...Of course i have to spend time with them which doesnt happen all the time. My cousin Iza from Australia, just got engaged !!! Oh my, we are so happy for her and ... i didnt even gave her a party...back in my parents place...oh well, i did plan, but with two kids and being pregnant....its hard to be a superwoman! lolz...Wish i could still do something though..:0

Yes i have trouble sleeping lately. It started being awake at 2am, the next day 4am, then 5am,7am,8am...OMG!! Im sleeping the whole day and usually wakes up at 2pm.Well when my 2yo is sick, i really have to be awake when my DH is sleeping ang vise versa.Now i cant go back to my regular time of sleeping..! I did all that i know, i know its bad for a pregnant mommy...I've been so worried lately because i cant go back to my regular time,and makes me think of a lot of things,even small ---the stuff i need when i go to the hospital,etc etc.Im always thinking about it,until i decided today that maybe ill just let it flow, and go back designing.I wish this way, i could stop thinking about whatever i've been thinking..I hope this works...
Like others say---Deisgning makes them sane..well,im one of them