Wednesday, June 6, 2007

im at work

ok, so im here at the flowershop now,my Gabe's sleeping.Stan and R2 went to get some papers.No flower arrangement to make, just printing some cards and downloading one freebies!Oh i love freebies! Everybody loves freebies!
Got my June Challenge posted at Digital Freebies now. I did some LO for the DSD And DF Challenge too! Just made another blinkie! Gosh i need to upload another kit i mad at diginewsnow.Vickie still working for some changes there and our moving to si excited with the outcome! Since its my first time to showcase my kits and the new kits and doodles and elements i made.Im so excited about all these things!!
Just last night that i got all these beautiful kits to work with..
Sherry Ferguson's SWAK
Gretchen Tripp's Bloomalicious
Angela Sharrow's Sophisticated
Lara PAyton's Abiding Memories
Im still waiting for Laura's e-mail!
Didnt finish everything beacause i have to pack up for sleepover at Matina (my in-laws house) since they are out of town.We need to watch the house and the Garden.Oh Gosh she has a fantastic Garden!! With different kinds of ornamentalplants etc, name it Which reminds me, i got to take a pic of her garden and newly grown plants !!! This morning i made a little tour there and do some little check of the herbs which she asked me to check!! I did some little harvesting too !! Of some of my favorite plants and flowers for the floral arrangements!
Well i got
2 stems of sunflowers! LOL!
a dozen stem of vergatus!
9 flowers of cats tail!!
and some usual foliage that we used.
Last night before leavin the house i made this tiny pillow!made of silk cloth that i bougt from Gaisanao Mall.I attached a cord on it which will be the handle.Its going to be a souvenir for the planned Christening of Gabe and at he same time birthday of R2.Im still not so sure on what to print on the cloth!! !

Oh it's 5:20 pm here .we'll be closing after ten minutes.Going home now and continue my Souvenir project.I have to do a lot of cutting and printing and sewing tonight..