Thursday, September 6, 2007

BIrthday at Marco Polo

We went to a birthday party of our friends mom and our R2 had fun playing with the 2 little girls Jamie and Jessie, they are the only kids there .They dont have a playground to play with since its on the third floor.They managed to just play in the corner and play rolling balls.R2 did not eat any food not that its not yummy,but because he doesnt eat any of the food that was served.We enjoyed the food and he enjoyed playing with them.My husband enjoys talking with friend JJ and wife too! On our way home, we went to McDonalds and let him(R2) eat chicken and rice with gravy! This is the fun part everytime we went to a party! hehehe! I expect it all the time because for R2, party means playing and not eating! thats why we expect him to be hungry after the party !And since its not a kids party,there is no goody bag for him to enjoy with.