Sunday, October 28, 2007

ALmost TWO MOnths!

Its been two months! since the last time i blog! lol!! Been so busy with designing,but enjoyed every moment of it.And the best part is when you know that someone appreciates what you are doing.I know ive been out of freebie for a long time! lol!! Sorry Ladies! hehehe..Well aside from designing, i have my family to attend to, my 5yo Rafael and my 11 mo Gabriel who is turning 1 year on NOv. 18! Another party to prepare!
Last NOV 22 our Rafael played the Cowardly Lion in their Wizard of Oz school act! I was so proud of him! I made him this Cowardly Lion costume and i cant believe i made it! Its really fun doing stuff that you dont expect you can do! Well, my dh told me "If i'l try i can do It" He always tells me that! hehehe.
I also made a kit , for his photos and its called Holloween kit!
Here are some photos of my son's school act! hope you like it!