Thursday, June 5, 2008

Im a new Student of CACS

Its been almost a week since our first day of class at CACS.
I enjoyed every minute of the day in that first day of class.
I could say that i really want to cook even before.But im not that good.hehehe..
Well at least i have 2 loyal fans! (my son Rafael and Gabe) I couldnt say my dh is a big fan of my cooking.He hates it when i hide the vegetables.hahaha.He doesnt eat most of the vegies like my son Rafael.I really dont know why.He just keeps telling me hes not a pig or a goat who will eat grasses.omg!!
So what i usually do is hide the vegies in my cooking..Now he has the habit of visiting me in the kitchen when im cooking.I know he is just checking if i have hidden vegies again!!
lol..but of course moms has always her own way of making things not so obvious..When i know that hes coming, i hide the vegies too!!! shhhhh....thats a secret.
Anyway, i have to share it to you too that i put carrots in my son didnt notice it,because i put slices of cheese too...:)

My New STORE and new Gallery

Im so glad to be a part of this New STORE i have.
I thank all the girls at Scrapladies for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful site.
You should come visit us at Scrapladies Forum .And when you're there, please have a lookie at my

I also register at this amzing site where i could upload all of my product previews.This site is very effective and i can see it for myself.
I already signed up and avail the one year membership.You should see it for yourself there.
My product gallery is here.