Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rrrrrnng! news! news!

Yaaaay!! im LOTD (layout of the day) at digiscrapdivas.com!
It was my sis sheryl who told me that good news today while i am at work! i was 'a lil' busy in the shop (flowershop) thats why i have to wait a while to go and see it! wow! it was my LO for our baby Gabe i posted for the element challenge in DSD!
hhmmm..i was supposed to add another word our GAbe love s to say but decided to put it before i'll print this image.it's .....aa-whooot!!
that's what he loves to say! that's why my husband loves calling him A-woooot! LOL!
anyway, maybe i can make another LO about that!